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Mexborough Town 4 Rotherham Town Reserve 1

Biggs, Tayles, McNeil, Rodgers.jpg

Pictured in 1907.  Mexborough Town's (L to R):  Billy Biggs, Charlie Tayles, R. McNeil, Rodgers


Billy Westwood played for Mexborough Town in this final.
He went on to play for Bristol Rovers.  In WW1 he died near Arras in 1917.  See Bill Lawrence's "From Pit Town to Battlefields, Volume 2, Pgs 140-142".
Billy's grandson is the darts champion, Dennis Priestley.
Billy is fondly remembered at Bristol Rovers


2nd april 1904 SYT 2.jpg
2nd april 1904 SYT 3.jpg

Abridged version of a long poem about the Montagu Cup final 1904. Full poem at the bottom of the page.

2nd april 1904 SyT.jpg
1904 smoking concert.jpg

Quite a scrap as a result of an incident in the Montagu Cup final, when the teams met again shortly afterwards (articles from 12th & 15th April 1904)....

1904 scrapping page 0   12 4 1904.jpg
1904 scrapping page 1.jpg
1904 scrapping page 2.jpg

Sheffield Daily Telegraph Fri 15th April 1904

2nd april 1904 SYT 1.jpg
Arthur rodgers 1904 final.jpg

Lengthy match report with strange prefixes added to player names - such as Mc or O' as though they are Scottish or Irish

2nd april 1904 SYT 4.jpg
2nd april 1904 SYT 5.jpg
2nd april 1904 SYT 6.jpg
2nd april 1904 SYT 7.jpg
2nd april 1904 SYT 9.jpg
2nd april 1904 SYT 8.jpg
2nd april 1904 SYT 10.jpg
2nd april 1904 SYT 11.jpg
2nd april 1904 SYT 12.jpg
2nd april 1904 SYT 13.jpg

Not in the final...but probably entered the Montagu Cup....

Goldthorpe U 1904.jpg
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