Kilnhurst Teams

Evevnt: Kilnhurst Town 1945 Rotherham Charity Cup
Back Row (L to R): M. Staniforth, Burkinshaw, J. Bentley, Millington, Gyler, V. Muscroft, Tommy Frith

Middle Row (L to R): M1, C. Eaton, H. Richmond, Tommy Dungworth , Walt Youren, Dougles Hoyle, H. Millington , Braithwaite

Front Row (L to R): Hague, E. Dixon, C. Webster, Jim Taylor , Frank Adey, Billy Deakin, Jack Haythorne

On the grass (L to R): Jack Taylor , R. Dungworth

1957 Kilnhurst Colliery: 

Two guys at back (L to R) : Irvine Beecham , ?

Back Row (L to R): Jim Taylor, Harry Millington, Brian Cobb , Norman Shaw, Alan Dobbs, Pete "Joss" Eccles, ? Crowe, Sid Oliver, ? , ?.

Front Row (L to R): Clarke, John Hopkins, Peter Millington (mascot), ? Shaw, Joe Brownlow

Back Row (L to R): George Richmond , Joe Brownlow , Sid Oliver , B. Cobb? , Maurice Rix, Alan Dobbs ,Ron Linacre , Colin Frith

Front Row (L to R): Hopkins? , George Frith, Pete "Joss" Eccles, Harold Dungworth , Jackie Wilkinson

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