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Kilnhurst Town 6

South Yorkshire Hotel  1


Ernest Hoyle - front row, third from the right

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Sidney Dawson.jpg

Sidney Dawson - 4 goals in this match.  Went on to play for Northampton Town and Grimsby Town

E titterton Huddersfield.jpg

Edwin Titterton signed for Huddersfield Town after the match

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Kilnhurst Town who were having a good season in the Association League  (second place) reaching the final of the Montagu Cup for a third time, this time up against the unlikely opposition from the Licensed Victuallers League, South Yorkshire Hotel.


The game was very one sided and the report said that Kilnhurst were vastly superior to their opponents in every department.


In the first fifteen minutes Kilnhurst were three goals up Dawson two and Clarke one, five minutes later they missed a penalty.


Just before the interval South Yorkshire scored through their veteran centre forward, Ferguson, to make the half time score three one to Kilnhurst.


The second half was all Kilnhurst as they bombarded the South Yorkshire goal, and only twenty minutes into the second half Kilnhurst had added three more goals, Dawson two and Clarke one to make the score 6 - 1.


Had the Kilnhurst players extended themselves the score would surely have climbed to double figures. 


The final score was six one in Kilnhurst’s favour and one of the most one sided Montagu Cup finals came to an end.


Dawson's four goals brought his tally up to forty four goals in total.


Len Harvey the Kilnhurst centre half was the best player on the field.

The Kilnhurst team was

E Cobb

C A Taylor

E Titterton

J Cooper

L Hatvey

J F Burkinshaw

J Clarke

A Reader

E Talbot

S Dawson

W Ball


Willy Ball won his second Montagu Cup winner’s medal in this match.

George Albert Taylor.jpeg

George Albert Taylor's memories - thanks to his grandaughter Aimee Helliwell

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