The Comforts Fund

The Montagu Cup has generated over £70,000 for the Montagu Hospital Comforts Fund over the last 70 years (The Comforts Fund was established in 1948, upon the setting up of the NHS).

This has enabled the Trustees of the Comforts Fund to provide items not available through the NHS for the benefit of patients, staff and visitors to the Montagu Hospital.


Bernard Fletcher (Trustee & former Treasurer) standing in the corridor that the Comforts Fund provided for Montagu hospital.  Bernard is also a keen football supporter.


The hospital was originally funded by donations from local industries , churches and various charitable organisations as well as wealthy local residents.   The trade unions especially the local coal mines were important funders in the 20th Century. A Ladies' Committee existed to organise extra funding.

This would have continued from 1890 until 1948 with the formation of the National Health Service. 

The Comforts Fund took over the work of the Ladies' Committee with the aim of providing relief in the form of amenities for the patients, staff and visitors.

The funding comes largely from the profits of the Tea Shop run by volunteers and from legacies left by individuals.  Donations from individuals and local chartitable organisations also help. 

The money raised is spent on improving the Montagu Hospital.  In the last decade an indoor corridor was funded, which linked the main building to the Rehabilitation Centre.  Previously, this short distance would have involved an outdoor route.


Other expenditure goes towards providing newspapers for patients.  At Christmas time, gifts for patients and decorations are provided. 


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10 year spending reports.  1958 (left) & 2002 (right)


Accounts book - 1927 to 2002