Parkgate Welfare 4

Ford United 3

It is likely that the top photo is 1962 and the bottom one 1960, despite what it says in the article.
The 1961 team photo is still missing.
Colin Dawson watched and remembers Terry "Blot" Staniforth getting a couple of goals.

Attendance: 2343

Admission Cost:

Adult: 1/-
Child: 6d

Semi Finals:

​18/3: Ford United beat Kilnhurst      Attendance: 393
26/3: Parkgate Welfare beat Cortonwood      Attendance: 222



The top photo is the Mont winning team from 1961 or 1962 (not 1960)
The players Back Row (L to R): Ernie Senior, Ulley, Walt Taylor, Thompson, Albert Gillott, Terry Hoyland, Front Row (L to R) Bentley, Cooke, Pete Bates, Joe Deeley, Terry Staniforth.
Also on the photo:  Ralph Whitworth, David Whitworth (young lad), Alan Sayers, Horace Chambers