Bowbroom WMC 2

Denaby United Reserves 0

Goals: Mitchell, Hoyland

Penalty saved by Bowbroom's Collinridge

Attendance: 2671

Admission Cost:

Adult: 1/-
Child: 6d

Semi Finals: 15/2: Denaby United beat Queens F    Att: 101 15/3:  Bowbroom beat Dearne MW     Att: 500

BACK ROW (L to R): PLAYERS: ???,  Charlie Ardron (?), Collinridge(?), Joe Hallam, Ralph Farr, Ronald Linacre.

FRONT ROW (L to R):  Hoyland (?), Leighton Hankin, Rex Trickett, Jeff Priestly

NON-PLAYERS (L to R):  ???,  Harry Grayson, John Simpson, Stan Hoyland, ???, Jack Drower

Players include: Mitchell, Hoyland, Rankin, Collinridge, Hankin

Photo:  Thanks Nick Bainbridge

South Yorkshire Times, April 12, 1958

Shock Bowbroom Montagu Cup Final Win

THE Montagu Cup—Mexborough area’s premier junior trophy—went to Bowbroom on Easter Monday when, after a hard and goal-less one and a half hours they defeated hot favourites, Denaby United Reserves by two snap goals scored in extra time.

That Bowbroom were by far the better side is a point which no-one could dispute. In fact, had It not been for an exceptionally good Denaby defence they would have been several goals in front after the  first half.

The Bowbroom attack, which hurled itself time and time again against the solid Denaby half-back “wall” was well led by centre-forward Hoyland, who, with his colleague, inside-right Rankin, hardly seemed to be out of the Denaby goal area.


It was not surprising, therefore, that HOYLAND eventually scored the second of Bowbroom’s goals after 18 minutes of extra time (the first had scored by left-wing MITCHELL three minutes earlier) to bring victory for Bowbroom over Denaby’s powerful Sheffield Association side, which, by virtue of an extremely successful season, both in the Montagu Cup competition and in the league was rated as a ”dead cert.” by many of the large crowd which flooded into Hampden Road ground on that cold and dull Bank Holiday.

Two Misses

Perhaps the greatest shock of the match was Denaby’s failure to open the scoring when faced with a wonderful opportunity early in the first half.


As a result of an incident in the penalty area, the referee awarded Denaby a penalty slot. Inside right Foster lined up the ball and shot for the left hand corner of the goal, but ‘keeper Collinridge easily blocked the kick.


The player’s turned to re-commence the game but the referee signalled Foster to take the shot again.

Immediately these was a storm of protest from the Bowbroorn team and their supporters who considered that the penalty had been taken fairly.

Foster lined up the ball once more, kicked half-heartedly, and among roars of laughter, the spectators watched it roll gently past the upright – about  two feet wide.

Over Crossbar

The second half passed without incident. Bowbroom still had the upper hand, but could not break through the Denaby backs.


Inside right Hankin had one of the games’ finest opportunities to score after 41 minutes when with only Denaby ‘keeper to beat, he shot over the crossbar.

Extra time brought some of the best football of the game. Both teams attacked hard and defended solidly until the 15th minute when Mitchell collected the ball from the centre and scored from about ? yards.

Three minutes later, Hoyland who was among a crowd of player in the Denaby goal area, headed the ball into the corner of the net.

The cup was presented to the captain by Chief Inspector J. W.Nichols (Mexborough),

1958  Dearne Community Miners’ Welfare F.C., South Yorkshire Times, January 11, 1958

Members of Dearne Community Miners’ Welfare F.C., seen on Saturday before the match with Sheffield Wednesday “B.”

They are: Back row: S. Cox, A. Follows, R. Copeland, A. Clamp, J. Willetts, J. Lester;ont), C. Roebuck, M. Ellis, C. Woodcock, D. Cox and R. Burton.

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