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Attendance: 2300 approx.

Date: 12/4
Referee:  Tom Richardson

Northcliffe WMC 1 Houghton Main 0

Semi Finals:

21/2:  Houghton Main 2  Skellow Grange 0  Ref: L. Hall
20/3: Kilnhurst Colliery 1 Northcliffe 2




Northcliffe WMC.  Back Row: (L to R) Ronald Hitchener, Billy Cotton, Joey Walton, David Backhouse, Terry Whitehead, Ian Whittaker, UNKNOWN
Front Row (L to R): John O'Neill, Harold Whitehead, Keith Whitehouse, George Laycock, Alf Silman


Northcliffe WMC.  (L to R) Bungie Whitehead, John O'Neill , Ronald Hitchener , Joey Walton , Harold Whitehead, David Backhouse, Keith Whitehouse, Terry Whitehead, George Laycock, Ian Whittaker, Alf Silman, Billy Cotton, 13, Gordon Greenfield

Also played: Silman, Shepherd, Kitchener, Wraith. Gordon Swann played but isn't on the photo


Gordon Swann played

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MONT 17471.jpg
MONT 20371.jpg
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