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DD 1st goal.jpg

Dog Daisy's Owen Fieldsend heads their first goal in the semi-final victory against Brinsworth DC

Easter Monday 10th April at Mexborugh Athletic, New Oxford Rd, Mexborough S64 0JL
Semi- Finals
Brinsworth DC 1 Dog Daisy United 5
⚽⚽Bayley Lowe ⚽⚽ Josh Moore  ⚽ Owen Fieldsend   BDC;  ⚽ Josh Nodder
at Tickhill Square, Denaby Main, DN12 4AW
Scawthorpe Athletic 0 Dearne & District 1
⚽Joe Austin

Semi 1.jpg

Scawthorpe v Dearne & District: Photo credit: Grasshopper Nico on Twitter

Quarter Finals

Scawthorpe Athletic 1 - 0  Swinton WMC
⚽Sam Corner

Dog Daisy 7 - 0 Houghton Main
⚽⚽Jake Phillis ⚽⚽Josh Moore ⚽Josh Critchley ⚽Curtis Wilkinson ⚽ Luke Gostling-Skelton

Wombwell Main 1- 3 Brinsworth DC
WM: ⚽Ryan Wingrove  BDC ⚽Harry Day ⚽ Josh Nodder ⚽ Jed McGowen

Dearne & District 2-0 AFP
⚽Tom Lambert  ⚽James Ghaichem


Quarter Final:  Dog Daisy United v Houghton Main.
Photo: Grasshopper Nico on Twitter.

First Round

Dearne & District 3-0 Groves Social

⚽⚽Joe Austin ⚽Gage Parton

Mexborough Athletic 1-2 Houghton Main

HM⚽Lee Winslow ⚽Mick Jones MA: ⚽Dale Hulse

Swinton Robin Hood 1-3 Wombwell Main

WM:⚽Atley Jackson ⚽Ryan Wingrove ⚽Jake Simon

SRH: ⚽Owen Birks

Lord Reresby 1-2 Brinsworth DC

LR ⚽Ryan Morton BD ⚽Josh Nodder ⚽Taylor Nicholson

Joker Wickersley Youth 1-1 Swinton WMC
JW - ⚽Jordan Thomas SWMC- ⚽Jack Harrison

Swinton WMC win on pens

Dog Daisy United 2 -2 Denaby Main

DD- Regan Kelly, Jake Phillis

DM- Daniel Hartley Chris Baxby

Dog Daisy win on pens

Westville 1-5 AFP

W - ⚽own goal

AFP - ⚽⚽⚽Jack Binney ⚽Aaron Wiles. ⚽Liam Flint
Mind over Matter v Scawthorpe Athletic (Scawthorpe progress)
Swinton WMC v Cantley Hawthorne (Swinton WMC progress)

Preliminary Round
Brinsworth DC 2 Swinton Athletic 1

BDC: ⚽Steven Hopewell ⚽Lee Hill SA: ⚽Enzo Guarini

Brinsworth v Swinton.jpg

Preliminary Round : Brinsworth DC 2-1 Swinton Athletic… 55’ Enzo Guarini (Swinton) 0-1; 83’ Steve Hopewell (Brinsworth) 1-1; 89’ Lee Hill (Brinsworth) 2-1 …"absolute worldie! fantastic shot from edge of centre circle which sailed over the GK and dipped just under the bar!" Grasshopper Nico on Twitter.


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