Attendance: 2745

Admission Cost:

Adult: 1/-
Child: 6d

Ford United 4

Houghton Main 0

Semi Finals:


13/3: Ford United drew with Cortonwood     Takings:  £12, 18 shillings 10 pence
REPLAY: Ford United beat Cortonwood     Takings:  £2, 19 shillings

20/3: Houghton 1 Tom Hill 1    Takings:  £12, 6 shillings 6 pence

REPLAY: Houghton 3 Tom Hill 3  Takings:  £17, 4 shillings

2nd REPLAY: Houghton 2 Tom Hill 1   Takings:  £18, 17 shillings

Ford United 
Back Row (L to R): Jack Beevers (trainer); Harry Turner, Don Morgan, ? , Roy Shepherd (captain with trophy), Graham Beevers (goalie); Jack Selkirk
Front Row (L to R): Freddie Gilbert, Chris Rodgers (mascot), Tony Rodgers, Arther Wright, Derek Riley

Colin Dawson watched and remembers Terry "Blot" Staniforth getting at least one goal.


Mascot, Chris Rodgers, whose dad Tony played in the 1960 & 1961 Montagu Cup finalsfor Ford United.
Chris has sent in post of the photos and press cuttings for these pages.

SCAN0241 - Copy2.JPG

Right to Left:  Freddie Gilbert, Tony Rodgers, Frances Rodgers, Rhona Gilbert

Ford United were from Doncaster, originally Briggs Social, then Briggs Sports Club, then Ford United from 1959 onwards I believe.
read this thread... https://nonleaguematters.co.uk/...i?post=710207#710207


Briggs Social FC won the Doncaster Senior League in 1951/52 and entered the Yorkshire Lge the following season under the name Briggs Sports Club http://fchd.info/BRIGGSSC.HTM

Their parent company was Briggs Motor Bodies, who had relocated from bomb-damaged Essex. Their factory was somewhere along Carr Hill / Balby Carr Bank ...plenty of space down there for a private sports ground?!

"In 1953 Ford {Motor Company} bought Briggs Motor Bodies and then {in 1964 ?} sold the Doncaster factory, which made bodies for Javelins and Bradford vans, to International Harvester." http://fchd.info/INTERNAH.HTM


Semi:  Houghton 1 Tom Hill 1


Semi REPLAY:  Houghton 3 Tom Hill 3


Semi 2nd REPLAY:  Houghton 2 Tom Hill 1