Attendance: 2745

Admission Cost:

Adult: 1/-
Child: 6d

Ford United 4

Houghton Main 0

Semi Finals:


13/3: Ford United drew with Cortonwood     Takings:  £12, 18 shillings 10 pence
REPLAY: Ford United beat Cortonwood     Takings:  £2, 19 shillings

20/3: Houghton 1 Tom Hill 1    Takings:  £12, 6 shillings 6 pence

REPLAY: Houghton 3 Tom Hill 3  Takings:  £17, 4 shillings

2nd REPLAY: Houghton 2 Tom Hill 1   Takings:  £18, 17 shillings

Ford United were from Doncaster, originally Briggs Social, then Briggs Sports Club, then Ford United from 1959 onwards I believe.
read this thread... https://nonleaguematters.co.uk/...i?post=710207#710207


Briggs Social FC won the Doncaster Senior League in 1951/52 and entered the Yorkshire Lge the following season under the name Briggs Sports Club http://fchd.info/BRIGGSSC.HTM

Their parent company was Briggs Motor Bodies, who had relocated from bomb-damaged Essex. Their factory was somewhere along Carr Hill / Balby Carr Bank ...plenty of space down there for a private sports ground?!

"In 1953 Ford {Motor Company} bought Briggs Motor Bodies and then {in 1964 ?} sold the Doncaster factory, which made bodies for Javelins and Bradford vans, to International Harvester." http://fchd.info/INTERNAH.HTM

Semi:  Houghton 1 Tom Hill 1

Semi REPLAY:  Houghton 3 Tom Hill 3

Semi 2nd REPLAY:  Houghton 2 Tom Hill 1

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