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Swinton Athletic 2 Mexborough Main Street 0

Scorers: Colin Seamen, Stevie Johnson

1986 Swinton.png

Back Row (L to R): Graham Bradford, Stevie Johnson, Shaun Wilkinson, Ike Cotton, Stewart Lowe,  Paul Hyde,  Kev Hamshaw,  Keith Thacker,  Roy Hyde.
Back Row (L to R): Terry Turner (gaffer), Wilf Polhill (physio), Pete Bainbrigde, Gary Hough, Gary Kitching , Geoff Cook, Steve Scholes. Just off picture: Stuart Lowe's dad.

Arthur jones plus.jpg

Arthur Roberts (left) presents the trophy to Geoff Cooke

1986 Swinton.png

L to R: Shaun Wilkinson, Ike Cotton, Gary Hough

1986 teams.jpg

CREDIT: Geoff Cooke


CREDIT: Allan Craw

Steve Coles played for Swinton Athletic.  His brother Michael Coles played for Main Street.
Cyril Coles, their father, was due to referee the match.  However, because his two sons were playing, they took it away from him.


L to R: Derek Jones, Eric Johnson, Frank Barlow, Geoff Cooke, George Benton.
Top photo: Geoff Cooke

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