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Denaby & Cadeby MW 2

Swinton Athletic 1

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Denaby & Cadeby. Back Row (L to R): Billy Walton (Physio); Terry Whitehead; Glenn Hancock; David Pears; Colin Squires; Les Humphries; Steve Grimshaw; Kevin Loftus; Gary Hough

Front Row (L to R): Gary Smith; Andrew Price; Ian Smith; Taffy Watkin (Assistant Manager); Gerard O'Neil (Manager); Graham Watkin; Gary Peart; Neil Winfield; Credit: Glenn Hancock (Steve Hall)

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Glenn Hancock (4) for Denaby and Mike Hudson in goal for Swinton.  Credit: Glenn Hancock (Steve Hall)

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Denaby & Cadeby Miners Welfare. . Top Row: Garry Hough, Glenn Hancock, Colin Squires, David Pears, Andy Price, Paddy Loftus. Front Gary Smith, Les Humphries, Ian Smith (Shed), Gary Peart, Graham Watkin

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Swinton Athletic Back Row: John Lowe, Mick Riley (gunner), Andy Newell, Mick Fawcett, Mick Hudson, Simon Brook, Geoff Powell (knocker), Stephen Brown, John Grierson, Martin Weir Snr.(manager) Doug Hughes. Front Row: Mick Stead, Simon Harrison, Martin Weir, Paul Cooke (tupper), Jason Greaves, Matty Kelly, Dean Salt, Andy Mangham

Swinton goal scorer:  Andy Mangham.

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Mick Fawcett for Swinton


Simon Brook for Swinton

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Andy Mangham scores Swinton Athletic's goal

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L to R:  Mick Riley, Paul Cooke and Ian Smith

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L to R:  Andy Mangham & Gary Smith

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L to R:  Gary Smith, Matty Kelly, Steve Venables (referee), ????, Dean Salt, Les Humphries

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L to R:  Matty Kelly, Ian Smith, Andy Newell

Photos thanks to Steve Watkin

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Denaby & Cadeby managed by Gerard O’Neill and Swinton Athletic with Martin Weir in charge met in the 1991 final which was refereed by the late Steve Venables. After a goalless first half Andy Mangham gave  Swinton a 49th minute lead but this only lasted three minutes with ex-Denaby United player Gary Smith equalising for Denaby & Cadeby. With extra time looming Denaby & Cadeby grabbed a fortuitous 2-1 win from an own goal as a free kick struck Athletic’s Dougie Hughes and deflected over the line. Dennis Priestley, Mexborough’s World Darts Champion, presented the Montagu Cup to Colin Squires the Denaby & Cadeby captain.

Denaby & Cadeby:- Pears, Watkin, Price, Hancock, Squires, Peart, G. Smith, Loftus, Humphries, I. Smith, Hough

Swinton Athletic:- Hudson, Kelly, Salt, Hughes, Newell, Mangham, Weir, Greaves, Brook, Cooke, Fawcett

United Duo Remember last Tickhill Square Clash

By James Benfold

21 November 2013

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United last played Denaby Main Miners Welfare (as they were known then) at Tickhill Square in 1991 in the Montagu Cup.

Current Reds Treasurer Steve Watkin and Assistant Manager Andy Price both played for the Miners Welfare against a United side then in the Northern Counties League with United overwhelming favourites because of their higher status but status counted for nothing as underdogs Main beat United 3-1.

Steve, played at Full Back with brother Graham as a team mate and both were up against another brother Phil who was in the United side, indeed Graham scored a penalty and Steve recollects "It was quite an occasion for the Watkin family, I remember going in for a challenge with Phil early in the game, and Phil ended up with a bloody nose - which he wasn’t happy about" “We played really well on the day and deserved the win"

Current United Assistant manager Andy Price also starred in the Main win getting on the score sheet to put his side 2-0 up. He remembers “We went one up with a Gary Hough goal,” Price said, “and for the second, the ball came to me at the edge of the box, I managed to get just enough on it to send the ball into the bottom corner of the net, and we managed to hold out for the win which gave us the bragging rights for a short while".

“It was a big game for the Welfare - we had won the Cup the year before, and we were even more determined to win because United played at a higher level and were able to pay players. We were also playing against lads we knew, as we played together most Sundays for Conisbrough Ivanhoe club".

“Our defender John Hodgson, who sadly passed away a few years ago, but I remember he was asked to cover in goal as Pearsy [David Pears] was injured, but Hodgy had a great game and seemed to pull off save after save, and he was man of the match.”

Former United midfielder Gary Kay and one of United's current sponsors who runs a property business in Conisbrough also has fond memories of the day.

“I was running late for the game, so I phoned [manager] John Reed and he put me down as a substitute,” he said. “I warned him that the Welfare lads were really up for the game, and that it wasn’t going to be easy. “At the time, we were a Northern Counties East League club, playing a lot higher standard of football.

“But I knew a lot of the Welfare lads, who were all local, and I knew they were going to give 100%. “A lot of the United players that day were from John ‘s last club, Hatfield, so they may have not realised the importance the game held for the Welfare players. “The game progressed as I expected, with the Welfare attacking every ball, and even though we dominated the play, they ended up in front at half time.

“I came on for the second half and played in midfield but we couldn’t get back into the game and went 3-0 down. “We got a consolation goal but the honours went to the Welfare.”

As an afterthought the game was ordered to be replayed after the Miners Welfare had fielded an illegible player however United graciously conceded the tie having accepted they were beaten by a better side on the day.

Despite his past allegiance Andy Price will be doing his upmost on the side line as he assists Manager Paul Noonan in plotting Mains downfall.

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Denaby & Cadeby MW in the 1991-92 season

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