Denaby & Cadeby MW 2

Swinton Athletic 1

Denaby & Cadeby Miners Welfare. . Top Row: Garry Hough, Glen Hancock, Colin Squires, David Pears, Andy Price, Paddy Loftus. Front Gary Smith, Les Humphries, Ian Smith (Shed), Gary Peart, Graham Watkin

Swinton Athletic Back Row: John Lowe, Mick Riley (gunner), Andy Newell, Mick Fawcett, Mick Hudson, Simon Brook, Geoff Powell (knocker), Stephen Brown, John Grierson, Martin Weir Snr.(manager) Doug Hughes. Front Row: Mick Stead, Simon Harrison, Martin Weir, Paul Cooke (tupper), Jason Greaves, Matty Kelly, Dean Salt, Andy Mangham

Swinton goal scorer:  Andy Mangham.

Denaby & Cadeby managed by Gerard O’Neill and Swinton Athletic with Martin Weir in charge met in the 1991 final which was refereed by the late Steve Venables. After a goalless first half Andy Mangham gave  Swinton a 49th minute lead but this only lasted three minutes with ex-Denaby United player Gary Smith equalising for Denaby & Cadeby. With extra time looming Denaby & Cadeby grabbed a fortuitous 2-1 win from an own goal as a free kick struck Athletic’s Danny Hughes and deflected over the line. Dennis Priestley, Mexborough’s World Darts Champion, presented the Montagu Cup to Colin Squires the Denaby & Cadeby captain.

Denaby & Cadeby:- Pears, Watkin, Price, Hancock, Squires, Peart, G. Smith, Loftus, Humphries, I. Smith, Hough

Swinton Athletic:- Hudson, Kelly, Salt, Hughes, Newell, Mangham, Weir, Greaves, Brook, Cooke, Fawcett

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