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Hugh Tingle

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Hugh was the voluntary Groundsman at the Athletic Ground at Hampden Road from 2000 to 2018.


The grounds were prepared in conjunction and partnership with support from the local Doncaster MBC grounds maintenance team up to 2010.


From this period  funding was sought and used to purchase important maintenance equipment ie a tractor and utilities  to help bring the playing surfaces up to a much higher standard than had been seen for decades.


This was undertaken by then Secretary of the Cricket Section Hugh Tingle who had taken on the role as the Grounds' Manager where he attended numerous training programs and seminars and brought this knowledge back to the ground to raise the standard of the playing surfaces where it was often commented on by the officials of the Montagu Cup officials especially as it was undertaken voluntary.

The refreshments tea room within the pavilion has been dedicated to the Ex Grounds Manager ie `Tingles Tea Room` for his services to the overall grounds.

The Mexborough Athletic Club has continued to thrive - read all about this here:

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