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Mexborough Main Street 4
BSC Parkgate  2

Att: 2000

MMS: Ian Cotton 2, Jeff Earnshaw, Winfield
PW: Paul Cooke, Peter Ward

1987 MMS.jpg

Back row (L to R) Robin Hardeman, John Hodgson, Ian Cotton, Chris Watson, Chris Speight, Dave Kelly, Dave Sparrow. Front row (L to R) Nelly winfield, Wilf Race, Chris Davies (mascot, managers son Alan “boz” Davies);  Geoff Earnshaw capt, Ian Nairn (keeper), Gary Hough, Steve Coles

Jeff Earnshaw 4.jpg
Jeff Earnshaw 7.jpg
Jeff Earnshaw 8.jpg
Jeff Earnshaw 3.jpg
Jeff Earnshaw 1.jpg

Photos from Jeff Earnshaw's mum's scrapbook

Parkgate manager was Steve Sigsworth - who went on to manage Mexborough Main St.

Jeff Earnshaw 2.jpg
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