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The Taylor Family

Jack Taylor.png

Jack Taylor
Montagu Cup 1949 & 1950

Jim Taylor.jpg

Jimmy Taylor
Montagu Cup 1946


Walt Taylor
Montagu Cup
1949, 1950, 1961, 1962

The above three were all brothers.  They were sons of Charlie Taylor (Mexborough FC 1922-23) along with Charlie, Bill (William) and daughter, Annie.
Bill also played football for Kilnhurst but damaged his knee at an early age.  Charlie was a bomber pilot in the RAF.  Walt played for Kilnhurst in 1949 and 1950 and Parkgate Welfare in 1961 & 62.  He also won 2 Rotherham Charity Cups


Charles Taylor played for Mexborough FC when they were in the same division as Doncaster Rovers and Rotherham Town.  This was the Midland League in 1922-23. Three of his sons & one grandson won EIGHT Montagu Cup medals between them. 

1980 Swinton.jpg


Jimmy's lad, Alan (Spud) Taylor, with the Mont in 1980. 

Mexborough 1922 1923.jpg

Charles Taylor (blue) - father of Jack, Jimmy and Walt

Taylors all 3.jpg

Jack (red), Jimmy (yellow) and Bill (green) thought to be playing for one of the Kilnhurst pit teams

Kiln 1945.jpg

The prestigious Charity Cup in 1945.  Jimmy (yellow) and Jack (red).  Jimmy won the Montagu Cup the season after this.

Kiln 48 no names.png

Walt (White) and Jack (Red) around the time of their two Montagu Cup finals in 1949 and 1950

Parkgate Welfare 1961 possibly.  Christi

Parkgate Welfare (early 1960s) : Walt won two Montagu Cups and at least one Rotherham Charity Cup.

Spud 1980.jpg

Alan (Spud) Taylor with his daughter Nina

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