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Brian Thompson

SML IMG20220105144107.jpg

Brian in goal in a match at Goldthorpe Welfare

SML IMG20220105144154.jpg

Brian in goal (central) in ahead of the Montagu Cup Final in 1961 with Parkgate Welfare.
More on the 1961 final at

SMalL IMG20220105144500.jpg

With the Mont in 2022

Small IMG20220105144540.jpg

With his trophy medal from 1961

SML IMG20220105144136.jpg

Brian around 1955

SML IMG20220105144209.jpg

The trophy medal from 1961

SML IMG20220105144127.jpg
SML IMG20220105144118.jpg

Brian helped Scuthorpe United train the day before a match against Sunderland.  This training match was played on the old Show Ground.  Thought to be January 1953

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