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Kilnhurst Town 2

Parkgate & Rawmarsh 0

Goals: Joss Nevitt & Jack Burkinshaw

Goals: Ripon

Two theories

Sheffield Daily Telegraph - Monday 15 Ap

Sheffield Daily Telegraph - Monday 15 April 1907

In the 1906/1907 season Kilnhurst had again assembled a strong team and did well in the league, and won the Montagu Cup for the first time. The route to the cup final was...

Kilnhurst Town 3   Bolton Town 0

Kilnhurst Town 1   Greasborough 0

Kilnhurst Town 1   Ecclesfield 0


SET 12 4 07.jpg
dinner 1907.jpg

Sheffield Daily Telegraph - 26 April 1907

1907 before match excitement.jpg

Sheffield Daily Telegraph - 12 April 1907 - The date of the final.  The first few winners are 1 year out.  Notice they have two 1903-4 winners!

1907 Montagu Cup Final Report.

“It was a great misfortune that the final of the Mexborough Montagu Cup had to be played on such a miserable day, not only did it spoil the game but it also ruined the gate. 


Mr Lewis the match referee look set to postpone the match but both teams were anxious to settle the resting place of the cup that day.


From the start the “wasps” were the superior team and Joss Nevitt the Kilnhurst centre forward had scored within five minutes, and although Kilnhurst did all the pressing no further goals were scored in the first half.


In the second half Jack Burkinshaw quickly made it two nil to Kilnhurst and the game was all over”.


The hospital management committee were very disappointed at the poor attendance, but were ready to put it down to the dreadful state of the weather rather than any lack of interest in the cup. 


In the last six years of them playing of the Charity Cup two hundred and twenty pounds has been raised for the hospital funds. Councillor Clayton presented the magnificent trophy and medals.


Those given to the winners are solid gold and to the runners up silver with gold centres. A celebratory dinner was held for the winning team (that had captured the prestigious Montagu Cup). The dinner was held at the Station Hotel on Victoria Street and fifty people sat down to a sumptuous meal provided by the hosts Mr and Mrs W C Taylor.


The menu was as follows: Tomato Soup, fish, roast beef, roast veal, york ham, roast ham, boiled mutton, roast chicken, boiled foul, veal pie, pigeon pie, royal pudding, fruit jelly, rhubarb tart, cheese and celery. 


No doubt washed down with liberal quantities of beer.

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SYT 20 4 07 3.jpg
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SYT 20 4 07 5.jpg
SYT 20 4 07 Pres.jpg
SYT 20 4 07 Poem.jpg
Jack Burkinshaw 2.jpg

Jack got a goal in this final and went on to play for 6 seasons for SWFC.
His brother, Abe, also played in the match.  He went on to play for Barnsley FC.

09 rippon 2.jpg

Willis Rippon also scored in this match. Later in the year he joined Bristol City for 3 seasons, then Woolwich Arsenal. 
In this card he had moved to Hamilton Academicals.

Mex 06 07.jpg

This team didn't feature in the Mont but some of the players played in previous finals.
The whole event was a benefit match for Alf Streets (see 1901 page).
Here are the names, with years indicating the Mont finals they played in:
Back Row (L to R)):  Biggs (1904, 1905), Atkins, Birch, Tayles (1904, 1905), Longworth (possibly 1903), Hardy, Long.
Front Row (L to R): Lindley, McNeil (1904, 1905), Rodgers (1904, 1905), Morallee (kneeling), Haywood, Lumb, Gosling (kneeling), Hibbert (kneeling).

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