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The Burkinshaw Family

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Jack (John Dean Lewis) 1890 SWFC.jpg
Abe Burkinshaw 1884 BFC.JPG

The three brothers (L to R) : Laurie, Ralph, Jack and their uncle, Abe.

The Burkinshaw family are from the coal mining village of Kilnhurst, South Yorkshire.  Three brothers from the same family played elite football at the same time - two of them, Jack & Laurie played for Sheffield Wednesday together.  Their uncle, Abraham (born 1884), played for Barnsley FC  in 1909.

Lawrence - Neiling far left.  Jack behin

Sheffield Wednesday (1913-14). Jack has the ball at his feet and Laurie is kneeling at the far left.

​As well as The Wednesday, Laurie (born 1893),  played for Birmingham and Halifax Town.   Jack's other teams were Bradford Park Avenue, Accrington Stanley and Grimsby Town.  Ralph (born 1898) played for Bradford City, Bury and Wrexham - guesting for Sheffield United during World War One.

Jack, who was christened John Dean Lewis (born 1890), played in some of the biggest matches with Swindon Town, who were at the time non-league (Southern). 

Incredibly, whilst Jack was on Swindon's books, they managed to get to two FA Cup semi-finals (1910 & 1912), the Charity Shield (1911) and the invitational Dubonnet Cup (1910). 

After losing to Newcastle United in the 1910 FA Cup semi-final, Swindon Town and Barnsley contested the inaugural Dubonnet Cup in Paris - the Robins triumphed with Jack in the team. 

In a high-scoring Charity Shield, Swindon lost 8-4 to Manchester United.  Jack was definitely in the team for the FA Cup semi-final defeat to eventual winners, Barnsley, in 1912.

Jack Dubonnet 1910.jpg

Jack is in the middle row - the player furthest left.  The trophy is the Dubonnet Cup


Abraham's brother, Ted, won the 1903 Montagu Cup with Highthorn (Kilnhurst).


Abraham was the captain for Kilnhurst Town's 1907 Montagu Cup winning team.  His nephew, Jack, was also in the team. 

The three brothers had a cousin, Jas Burkinshaw, who won the Mont in 1914 with Kilnhurst Town.

Kilnhurst WMC won it in 1923 with Laurie Burkinshaw on the photograph (although probably not in the team).

Laurie's son, Jack (born 1911), was a 1939 Mont winning team representing the Yorkshire Tar Distillers - a firm based in Kilnhurst. 

Ralph's son, Stan Burkinshaw, won the Mont in 1942 with Manvers Main and 1946 with Kilnhurst.

And finally, Jack's grandson, Nigel, won the Montagu Cup 3 times over 3 decades!

1989: Swinton Athletic
1999: Mexborough Main Street - no photos yet
2000: Mexborough Main Street - no photos yet

The 1989 final was 50 years after his grandfather, Jack, had won it.

Jack Dubonnet 1910 2.jpg

Jack on yet another Swindon Town montage.  He is at the bottom right.


This was on eBay as Jack (Vintage Colours) - but it looks more like Laurie in his Owls kit.


Nigel with the first on his 3 Montagu Cup winners' medals


Stan- Mont winner 42 & 46

Jack FA Cup Semi 1910.jpg

Swindon lost to the eventual FA Cup winners, Newcastle United, in 1910.  Jack is first left in the middle row.


Jas Burkinshaw lost two brothers before their time.  Samuel (1889-1912) died in an accident at the pit.  George (1891-1917) died during World War One.

Research credit:  John Howitt


Abe in the Barnsley team (approx 1909).  He is the 2nd player from the left in the middle row).  Credit;  David Wood.

1934-35 Kilnhurst Council M and D champ

Ron "Mint" Burkinshaw (front row, far right).  He was Abraham's son.  Mint is seen here with the Bond Shield in 1935 for Kilnhurst Council School

Rotherham connection:
Abe, Jack (1909, 1919) and Laurie (1914 & WW1) all played for Rotherahm Town

SWFC record
Jack and Laurie both scored for Wedensday in the same match on Boxing Day 1913.  This is the only time that two siblings have scored for the club.

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