2019/20  Mick Poole
Malcolm Levitt,  Roger Webb,  John Nicolson

2018/19  Dave Hobson
Mick Poole,  Scott Atkinson,  Mick Cooke

2017/18  Roger Webb
John Nicolson,  Paul Ardron,  Pete Bailey

2016/17  Steve Grainger
Mick Poole,  Lee Bramley,  Paul Jackson

2015/16  Ian Walsh
Pete Bailey,  Paul Ardron,  Lee Bramley

2014/15  Kevin Nelthorpe
Steve Grainger,  Ian Walsh,  Roger Webb

2013/14  Pete Bailey
Paul Emmett,  Kevin Nelthorpe,  Steve Grainger

2012/13  Colin Parker
Matt Bacon,  Paul Humphries,  Kevin Nelthorpe

2011/12  John Nicolson
Terry Whitehead,  Paul Ardron,  Pete Bailey

2010/11  Ian Dring
Colin Parker,  Martin Birley,  Mick Poole

2009/10 Matt Bacon
Steve Venables,  Ian Dring,  Paul Froggatt

2008/09  Brian Hyde
Pete Bailey,  Matt Bacon,  Paul Ardron

2007/08  Brian Hardeman
Paul Rouane,  Chris Cooper,  Colin Parker


2006/07  Paul Ardron
Terry Whitehead,  Paul Emmett,  Des Nutting

2005/06  S Taylor
D Catling,  Paul Ardron,  Paul Emmett


2004/05  Martin Birley
Colin Parker, S Taylor,  Brian Elwell


2003/04   Mick Poole

David Hobson,  Pete Bailey,  S Taylor

2002/03  Paul Rouane
Gordon Swann,  Brian Hyde,  Chris Cooper

1996/97  Gary Mellor
1995/96  Peter Bailey
1993/94  E. Fieldsend
1991/92  Steve Cooke
1989/90  Gordon Swann
E. Fieldsend, S. Wordsworth

1966/67  J. J. Jeffcote
1910/11  W. Jones

1909/10  J. Hastie
G. P. Cowan, W. Winstanley

1906/07  H.P. Lewis
1905/06  F. Bye
1904/05  F. Bye
1903/04  J. Fox
1901/02  J. Fox
1900/01  J. Fox
1896/97  George H. Parkin

Malcolm Levitt,  Roger Webb,  John Nicolson

2020 : Mick Poole & team : Credit: BlueLine Photos

2019 : Dave Hobson

Thanks to Jamie Ball for list of officials

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