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2024  Steve Taylor

Adam Ward, Roger Webb, Andrew Harrison


2023  Malc Levitt

Scott Atkinson, Pete Bailey,  Ben Brook

2022  Mick Cooke
Paul Ardron,  Chris Hargrave,  Steve Taylor

2021  Chris Cooper
Ian Walsh,  Matthew Bacon,  David Hobson


2020  Mick Poole
Malcolm Levitt,  Roger Webb,  John Nicolson

2019  Dave Hobson
Mick Poole,  Scott Atkinson,  Mick Cooke

2018  Roger Webb
John Nicolson,  Paul Ardron,  Pete Bailey

2017  Steve Grainger
Mick Poole,  Lee Bramley,  Paul Jackson

2016  Ian Walsh
Pete Bailey,  Paul Ardron,  Lee Bramley

2015  Kevin Nelthorpe
Steve Grainger,  Ian Walsh,  Roger Webb

2014  Pete Bailey
Paul Emmett,  Kevin Nelthorpe,  Steve Grainger

2013  Colin Parker
Matt Bacon,  Paul Humphries,  Kevin Nelthorpe

2012  John Nicolson
Terry Whitehead,  Paul Ardron,  Pete Bailey

2011  Ian Dring
Colin Parker,  Mick Poole, Matt Bacon

2010 Matt Bacon
Steve Venables,  Ian Dring,  Paul Froggatt

2009  Brian Hyde
Pete Bailey,  Matt Bacon,  Paul Ardron

2008  Brian Hardeman
Paul Rouane,  Chris Cooper,  Colin Parker


2007  Paul Ardron
Terry Whitehead,  Paul Emmett,  Des Nutting

2006  Steve Taylor
David Catling,  Paul Ardron,  Paul Emmett


2005  Martin Birley
Colin Parker, Steve Taylor,  Brian Elwell


2004   Mick Poole

David Hobson,  Pete Bailey,  Steve Taylor

2003  Paul Rouane
Gordon Swann,  Brian Hyde,  Chris Cooper

2002 Terry Whitehead
2001 Chris Cooper
2000 David Catling
1999  Phil Oxley
  Dave Hobson
4th Official: Paul Ardron

1997  Gary Mellor
1996  Peter Bailey
1995  Colin Parker
Garry Mellor, Peter Bailey
1994  Eric Fieldsend
Colin Parker, Gordon Swann
1993  Steve Wordsworth
Alec Clyde, Cyril Coles
1992  Steve Cooke
Brian Hardeman, Brian Hyde, 4th : Steve Venables
1991  Steve Venables
P. Gill, M. Scott

1990  Gordon Swann
Eric Fieldsend, Steve Wordsworth

1989 Terry Whittaker
Steve Venables, Steve Cooke

1988 Cyril Coles
Steve Hanks, Melvyn Aird

1987  Brian Hyde
Colin Beasley, Gordon Swann
1986 Alec Clyde
Terry Whittaker, Pat Gallagher

1985 Neil Hemmingway
Brian Hyde, Colin Beasley
1984  Richard Russell
Cyril Coles, Pat Gallagher
1983  Brian Hardeman

Melvyn Caddick, Barry Dickinson
  P. Hendry
John Sheldon, Neil Hemmingway
1981  Barry Dickinson
1980  Melvyn Caddick
1978  John Norton
Melvyn Caddick, John Waller

1977  Brian Fletcher
1976  Alan Martin
1975  Terry Ashford
1972  John Sheldon (Den.)
1971  Tom Richardson
Dennis Simms

1970  George Wordsworth

D. Jones, T. Richardson
1969  Derek Jones
1968  G. A. Flint
1967  John Jeffcote
1966  D. Belk (Conis.)
  George McCabe?
 Barry Harwood?
1964  Matt Taylor (Mexb.)
R. Raby
B. Lumb
J. W. Price
J. Smith (Rawmarsh)
Sid Jackson
Colin Taylor

1946  Walter Scattergood
  Herbert Clarke
1944  Wesson (Parkgate)
1936  J. Humphries
1935  Douglas Bisby (Piccadilly)
E, Butler, C. Hague

1932  Wesson
1931  T. Swinburne
S. Dimberline
1929  Elmer

1928  A. Hackford
1926  A. Wood
C. Wood
D. R. Proctor
1923  W. Clamp
  E. H. Smith
1921  E. H. Smith
1919  W. Cook
1911  W. Jones

1910  J. Hastie
G. P. Cowan, W. Winstanley
1907  H.P. Lewis
1906  Fred Bye
A. Brunt , W. Winstanley
1905  Fred Bye
1904  J. Fox
1902  J. Fox
1901  J. Fox
1897  George H. Parkin

Fred Bye became a football league referee and then an international referee.  He became chairman of teh English Schools FA.



2020 : Mick Poole & team : Credit: BlueLine Photos


2019 : Dave Hobson

Thanks to Jamie Ball for list of officials

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