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Montagu Cottage Hospital

Montagu Cottage Hospital was officially opened in January 1890 on Bank Street, Mexborough with a total compliment of fourteen beds. Its existence came about with a need for more local treatment being readily available as the number of accidents in the local industries was increasing. At that time, anyone who sustained injures had to be treated in their own homes with the more seriously hurt being transported, usually by horse drawn trap to the Doncaster or Rotherham Infirmaries. Consequently, the time had come for the establishment of a local hospital.​


​A Committee was formed with discussions taking place whether to buy, build or rent a property that would be suitable for the purpose. Unexpectedly, the building was provided on a long lease and at a nominal rent by Mr Andrew Montagu. Subscriptions to help fund the hospital were donated from local industries with annual donations of £20, churches and various charitable organisations as well as wealthy local residents.

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One of the many events organised at the time was a football knockout competition which started in 1896-7

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Andrew Montagu

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