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Silverwood Colliery 1

Bolton Ings Lane 0

19/4/54.  Attendance: 3062


Ray Hill This is a mistake . This is the Silverwood side that that played in theRotherham Charity Cup against ParkGate and lost 3-1 on Millmoor the day after the Montagu Final . There was a couple of changes due to injury I think otherwise same names . The bloke in the middle of front row is Jimmy Sansome who scored in Montagu Final . The Silverwood side we’re still knackered from the Final the day before. They couldn’t get it postponed .

Silverwood team:  Goalie : Paddy Omelia:: Right back :George Hayden:: Left back : Dennis Egan:: Right half : “Cocky “ Naylor :: Left half : Len Bibby:: Centre half : Jimmy Egan (capt.) Right wing: Gerrard Rattigan :: Inside right : Billy Walker:: Centre forward : Jimmy Sansome ( goal scorer) :: Inside left: Gordon Rowland :: Left wing: “Dicky “ Nixon :

Jimmy Sansome described intercepting a throw-in that was intended for their goalkeeper to scopre the winning goal.  The newspaper report describes the goal scored by ROWLAND.

54 PHOTO.png
54 REPORT.png
1954 Ray Hill Jimmy Sansome on the left

Jimmy Sansome on the left ,he was one of the top snooker players in Rotherham and scored the winning goal 1954

1954 ray hill Players an supporters of S

Players and supporters of Siverwood celebrating

Semi Finals:

20/2: Bolton Ings Lane beat Hickleton - Attendance: 600

​13/3: Silverwood beat New Stubbin -  Attendance: 295


Ray Hill Jimmy Sansome (on the floor) a few days after the Mont final in 1954

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54 rcc.png
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