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Denaby & Cadeby MW   2

Mexborough Main Street 0

Ref:  Collin Parker

Goals: Dean Oxer, Paul Cooke (pen)

Photo Credit: Peter Higgins & Paul Cooke

SCAN0070 3 smaller.jpg

Behind the players (L to R): Billy Walton Mark "Jocky" Wilson, Levi Cullen, Wilf Race.

Back Row players (L to R) : Chris Kane, Jason Grand ,Nigel Farrell, Craig Mellor, Andy Hill ,Carl Taylor , Mark Boyer

Front Row Players (L to R): Rich Harrison, Stephan O' Neil, John Hemingway, , Paul Cooke, Barry Link , Paul Harper , Dean Oxer.

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Back Row (L to R):  Wilf Race (Manager), Jamie Prince, B. Link, J. Grand, M. Wilson, A. Hill, C. Mellor, C. Kane, S. Jaszczyk (Assistant Manager)  FRONT ROW (L to R): Mark Boyer, S. Hartley, C. taylor, P. Cooke, J. hemmingway, P. Harper, N. Farrell
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95 mex.jpg
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1995 presidents.jpg
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95 prog cover.jpg

Mark Jocky Wilson's medal

Thanks to Mark Boyer for sending all the info in.

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