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Askern Road WMC (Doncaster) 3 Kilnhurst WMC 1

1924 Askern.jpg

Joe Beresford sat on the front row, 2nd player in from the right.   He went on to play for England.  CREDIT: Dean Beresford. It is NOT Toll Bar FC

askern Road WMC building.jpg
1924 26 April.jpg
1924 26 April 2.jpg
1924 trophy present.jpg
1924 winning team line up.png
19 4 1924.jpg


1924 17 AND HALF PINTS mAY 10TH.jpg
Beresford, Joseph.jpg

Joe Beresford - Mont > England Cap > FA cup final

Toll Bar club.jpg

The building (Askern Rd WMC) nowadays

Joe Beresford grew up in Bentley and worked as a pit-pony stable-lad at the pit in the early 1920s


Beresford was discovered one good Friday morning by Mexborough playing for Askern Road in a Montagu Cup Final. Subsequently spent two years with Mexborough being extremely popular at Hampden Road, before going to Mansfield and thence to Aston Villa.


Beresford scored over 100 goals in two seasons with Mexborough in the Midland League and cup tie.


More about Joe here.

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