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Wath Road Athletic 3 Rawmarsh Welfare 1


Wath Road.  Back Row (L to R):  B1, Colin Beardsley, Wilf Beardsley, B4, George Poole, B6, B7, B8, B9
Front Row (L to R): F1, F2, Cyril Jeavons,  F4, F5


Rawmarsh Welfare 1936

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From GaryCooper's "Forgotten Heroes".
Montagu Cup Final 1936
Rawmarsh entered the final against Wath Road Athletic as clear favourites, but cup football rarely follows form and this was to be no exception. The influential Joe Bland was injured and although Rawmarsh rearranged their line up and continued to try to play “gentlemanly, academic football” they came up against an uncompromising Wath Road team who were described as “more lively and robust” and were never allowed the time or space to play effectively. Rawmarsh quickly found themselves two goals behind and they also missed a first half penalty which further crushed their hopes. A goal in the first minute of the second half by Albert Unwin renewed spirits but their opponents restored their two goal advantage on the hour and the match was effectively over.
Montagu Cup Semi-Final 1936

Rawmarsh Welfare met Wath Main in the semi final and following a comfortable 3-1 win, the report was effusive in its praise for the quality of the football played by Rawmarsh:

“They have a fine side, nippy, deliberate and resourceful. They are particularly strong at half back. Bland is the perfect pivot, controlling every aspect of the game. Wesson and Jarvis, two fine backs, calculated every move and never wasted a ball. At forward, however, Rawmarsh are supreme. There is scarcely a weak link in the line and what they achieve is by design and skill in contrast to the kick and rush methods usually typical of junior football.”

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