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The semi-final of this year's competition was filmed by the British Council.

Remarkably, this final was settled by "next corner wins" during extra time.

1945 best team photo.jpg

BROOMHILL Back Row (L to R) – F. Depledge, Eric FRUDD , Eddie OXLEY, Bill SYKES, Jarvis LAYE, Hubert DEPLEDGE, Jim HICKLING; (second row) – Hickling, Edmund MITCHELL, Albert SAGE, Sonny EDGE, Kenneth PARKINSON, Alan HARVEY, Barney; (third row) – Albert BURROWS, Tom STEVENS, Don BEDFORD, Guy STEVENS, Ernest WOODCOCK; Front Row (L to R):– Jack HUBBARD, Frank PARKINSON (Mascot), Dennis MORTON.

DENABY ROVERS: Clarke, Priestley, Madin, Ridgeway, Ball, Hallatt, A. Smith, Ward, Taylor, Flaherty, Jennings.

Albert Burrows.jpg

Albert Burrows played in this final for Broomhill.  He is still going strong in his native Wombwell and has provided the photographs and names. More on Albert here.

Albert remembers that the Montagu Cup final of 1945 was played on Wath Athletic's ground and that the all important corner was conceded at the bowling green end.  Due to the war, there were no medals presented - instead, Albert remembers receiving a "2 & 6 pence" saving stamp.  He is unsure what the "winners" received!

The Broomhill team struggled to fund shirts due to rationing.  An appeal to the Broomhill residents for their "clothing coupons" was almost enough - just one shirt short.  The team had to settle for dark blue shirts due to supply shortages in the war.

The dark blue clashed too much with the referees, so 75 year-old Mrs. Bradley had to sew white V's on the shirts.  Poor Albert Sage had to find his own blue shirt along with a bandage to help with a makeshift V.  Note the one thicker V on the team photo

Edmund Mitchell.png

Edmund Mitchell

Ken Parkinson.jpg

Ken Parkinson

1961 but 1945 Mont.jpg
1945 clothing coupons.jpg
Clothing appeal.png

April 1959

South Yorkshire Times April 18, 1959.


Montagu cup finalists of 15 years ago will play again for charity


This photograph of Broomhill football team will revive memories of the village club’s most successful season – that of 1944-45 when they were both Barnsley Nelson league and the Mexborough Montagu cup finalists.

And An opportunity to see the team play together again will be given on Saturday, May 9th, when they will meet the present team. With only one exception all members of that team had volunteered to turnout. Proceeds will go to Broomhill old folks treat fund. The picture shows, left to right (back row) – F. Depledge, Frudd, Oxley, Sykes, laye, H. Depledge, J.Hickling; (second row) – Hickling, Mitchell, Sage, hedge, Parkinson, Harvey, Barney; (third row) – Burrows, T.Stevens, Bedford, G.Stevens, Woodcock; (front row) – Hubbard, Parkinson (Mascot), Morton.

Broomhill have twice been in the Montagu cup final, and in the season 1944-45 were opposed to Manvers Main. With six minutes to go Broomhill were leading by the first goal of the match, but Manvers equalised.

As it was last weekend of the football season the team decided that the trophy should go to the first side gaining a corner, and their owners were taken by members, that is as near as Broomhill have ever been to Montagu cup championship.

In the Barnsley Nelson league final that year they lost 2-1 to Birdwell after extra time at Oakwell.

Incidentally, only one of this old team is still playing with Broomhill, that being Tom Stevens, who in the meantime has had a spell with Wombwell in the Yorkshire league.

The “old boys” team to play on May 9th will be: Sonny edge (one time Mexborough Midland league goalkeeper); Kenneth Parkinson (formerly with Lincoln), Edmund Mitchell (present Broomhill committeeman); Tom Stevens, Albert Sage (who had the reputation of never missing a penalty in local football), Harry Morton; Ernest Woodcock, Dennis Morton, Don Bedford (now Mitchell Main Nelson league player), Jack Hubbard (Scunthorpe United), and Albert Burrows (one-time bouncer footballer and now we local referee).

Still with scunny

The most notable of all these. Perhaps if Jack Hubbard, who is still turning out with Scunthorpe United second division team. From Broomhill he went to Notts County when Major Buckley was manager, then to Scarborough’s Midland league club, and 10 years ago to Scunthorpe, when they also were in the Midland league, Jack has promised to attend the Wombwell Jump and Hemingfield old people’s charity tournament semi-final between Broomhill and shipcroft on the Lundhill ground on April 20th.

Of the old team the “absentee” will be left half Guy Stevens who now holds an NCB post in Sheffield. His place will be taken by Harry Morton. Allen Harvey, now a cortonwood MW committee men who formerly played with Broomhill and is on this photograph, will be unable to turn out because of holidays.

The present day Broomhill’s “answer” to this side will be Peter Knowles, Hedley Mitchell, William Rose; Bernard Rose, Frank Parkinson, Colin Ford, Ralph Sharman, Jeff Turner, Peter Jackson, Dick Ogden (Capt.) and Colin Hickling.

Broomhill officials are going to town on this gala day, and something like 80 guests will afterwards be entertained to tea in the schoolroom. Secretary Ron Varney says anyone wishing to stay to tea should get into touch with him as soon as possible. On show will be photographs of Broomhill football teams from as far back as 1926.

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