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Denaby United 2

Mexborough Grand Central Loco 0

After TWO replays.  First one 2-2 on Sat 17th April.  Next one unknown (prob Thu 24th April).  2nd replay was on 1st May.

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Medals:  Thanks to Pamela Purdy

Photos:  Byegone Conisbrough & Denaby (Facebook)

Thanks to John Brough.  His wife's grandfather, Robert Purdy, played for Denaby in the final. Other names:  Owen Bransby.
H. W. Smith was also the manager of the Denaby Main Colliery.

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13/4/15 - Semi-Final Replay

Mexborough and Swinton Times, May 8, 1915

Montagu Cup Final
Denaby Victorious after Two Replays

After two strenuous replays, Denaby United on Saturday vanquished Mexborough G.C.Loco, by two goals to none, and won the Mexborough Montagu Charity Cup, fully deserving their victory

Loco won the toss, and elected to kick with the wind and slope.


The game open vigourously and 10 minutes had barely elapsed when Bransby, working his way through a knot of defenders, banged the ball into the corner of the net, and gave his side the lead.

This early reverse stung the Loco forwards, who swept forward in it determined fashion. A corner was forced, but it was cleared with little effort. Directly after a freekick was awarded the railwaymen and Widdowson a Denaby defender, only managed to clear with a great effort.

Denaby now had a turn, and as the result of a pretty passing movement, Jepson, practically clear of any of the opposing defenders, banged the ball home with Allen helpless.

Loco, again took the initiative, and for about 10 minutes the Colliery defenders had a lively time stop Evans sent in a grand shot which just missed by inches, and immediately afterwards Adkin hit the bar with a terrific drive.


Loco were awarded a freekick for handling, and Glennon taking the kick pass to Foreham , who placed just outside.

After a spell of mid field play Jackson, the Denaby outside right, sent in a hard drive which cannoned off one of the local defenders. Jackson was playing a great game and he repeatedly sent centres across the goalmouth all to no effect.

A mistake by the Loco defenders left Bisby – Denaby’s pivot – in a wonderful good position, but after a delay in shooting he was robbed of the ball, and a capital chance was missed.

Half-time arrived with Denaby leading by two goals to one.

At the commencement of the second half Denaby press home the attack, and Bisby sent in a “stinger” right into the goalies arms.

The Loco at this juncture began to play in a more robust manner, and fouls were very frequent hereabouts.


The railwaymen carried the ball down the field, and Fareham sent in a rasping shot, but failed to score, and shortly afterwards at the other end Allen only just managed to clear a rare hand full from Ball, the Denaby left half. It was now very evident that Local were playing a losing game, and their goal was in this constant state of crisis.

It was a clause the Loco made a last desperate rally, and the Denaby rear ranks were busily occupied in keeping their charge intact. Although this was no light matter they would equal to their task, and the end came with the Loco, were well beaten by an undoubtably superior 11.

The reverent T Anderson presented the Montagu Cup to the winning team, and made reference to the fact that although no medals went with the cup at the present time the Hospital Committee were considering the provision of some.

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