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Wally Ardron & family

Wally Ardon's scoring record at an elite level is incredible.  His main achievements were for Rotherham United and Nottingham Forest.  First though, let's take a look at a remarkable day in Wally's life...

0215:  He worked a train from Mexborough to Cleethorpes as an engine fireman

1100: Railway shift ends

1500: Walter played and scored in Rotherham United's 1-0 win against Sheffield United at Millmoor

1815: Walter scores in a 2 hour & 38 minute Montagu Cup final with several elite players.

This was 29th April 1944.  It is certain that Walter played in the two matches. The shift on the railway is, as yet, unverified!

Wally proof score.jpg

RUFC info credit Graham Barnes

Wally ardron.jpg

A family member said that Wally travelled between these commitments by bicycle!

Ardrons in the Montagu Cup

Wally played in the Montagu Cup finals of 1944 .  His brother, Charlie, played in the 1949 & 1958 final. 
Charlie's father, Leonard and Uncle Matthew played together in Highthorne's 1903 Montagu Cup victory.
An Ardron played in the 1955 final too - probably Charlie.

Two more Ardrons in the photo below of Mont winners Highthorn in 1903.  Wally's dad, Leonard face has a red circle and his uncle Matthew has a blue circle.

1958 BowBroom.jpg

Wally's brother, Charlie, circled in yellow when Bowbroom won the Mont in 1958.

Wally's debut in the Football League was on 14th Jan 1939 for Rotherham United.  His 2nd appearance was nearly 8 years later on 31st August 1946.

His matches during the war do not count as matches in the Football League - in this time Wally managed to score 4 goals in a match on EIGHT separate occasions.

Wally still holds the records of the most goals scored in a season for Rotherham United (38) in 1946-47.  He also holds the same record for Nottingham Forest (36) in 1950-51.  He is one of just 3 players to hold scoring records at two clubs.

Wally was the first player to register 200 goals after World War II.


On 13th April 1947, Wally's second son was born - on the very day Wally celebrated by scoring 4 against Carlisle (the first after 15 seconds).  Exactly 12 months later, on his son's 1st birthday, Wally repeated the feat of scoring 4 - this time against Hartlepool.

In 1948/49 he played for an FA XI against the Army.  Only work commitments stopped him touring with England.

After a decade at Millmoor, Walter moved to Forest as a full-time professional - he was able to stop for the LNER.  He had 6 years at the City Ground.  After retirement, Wally took a job at the Steelworks - his first weekly wage packet was bigger than any of those that he had had from football.

These facts are from David Watson "Millmoor Personalities":  full extract below (scroll down).

wally rw.jpg

Wally, putting something back into the game, with Rawmarsh Welfare - 1957

Wally 1.jpg
Wally 2.jpg
Wally 3.jpg

From Millmoor Personalities:  David Watson

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