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High Terrace

High Terrace FC were from Mexborough, and were members of the Doncaster Senior League when they appeared in the Mont finals of '66, '67 & '68.

Looks like they only won one title during their Donny league days - the Division Three crown in 63/64 - although it was a very strong competition back in those days, you certainly had to be a very good team to win anything!

Believe it or not, Mexborough Main Street FC - who won the Mont a record 7 times (equal with Wombwell Main) - were formed by disgruntled players who were being 'rested' in High Terrace FC's reserve side.

1968 - Runners-up

high terrace.jpg
1966 - HT - Jim Partridge, Terry Collins

Didn't reach the Montagu Cup final, but some good photos found...

1964 no evid  HT.jpg


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