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Meet at the Mont 2022

Past finalists gathered on Easter Monday 18th April ahead of the 2022 Montagu Cup final.  This was to mark the 125th anniversary of the Montagu Cup.  Details of the 2022 final are at :


Thanks to John Hobson for his splendid work the photographs are now ready at

Your kind donations more than covered John's expenses.  In fact we added £138 towards the gate receipts which will all go towards the Montagu Hospital Comforts Fund.  Thank you for donating.

You can now order these photographs and arrange printing independently, if required.

PLEASE NOTE - these photographs should be ordered through Chris Brook at the email address below - not John Hobson - his work is done!

The images on John’s website are low-resolution. The ones you will be sent will be high-resolution.

To order, when on the website, make a note of the photograph number (this appears when the cursor is on the photograph). Email with this number and your high-resolution image(s) will be emailed back as soon as possible.

The files are very large, so they will be sent one photograph per email.  There is no limit to how many different photographs you can order.  Please be patient, as the email account is not checked daily (although will try to check more often). By all means nudge me on 07985902346.


All photos will be considered for publication in the anniversary book due out Dec 2022.  To be updated about the book and receive details of how to get a discount, please use the same email address to register an interest in the book (no commitment).

Photographs used on this page are credit @dribblingcode
Follow him on Twitter for grassroots football photos.


It was a joint effort between Montagu Cup committee and the trustees of the Mexborough Athletic Club.  They were joined by some influential people.

Wilf Race, Pete Pettit, Steve Poole, Linda Carlton, Bob Lamb, Les Payne, Ian Walsh, Jamie Ball, Ian Whitehouse, Andy Wordsworth, Barrie Dalby, Bill Lawrence, Bernard Fletcher, Les Oxer, Bryn Jones, Chris Brook.


Some guests were invited as guests in one email, and then asked if they would mind helping out in another!

Wilf Race and Pete Pettit pulled these lads together.

Special thanks to this team for agreeing to help..

Ike Cotton, Allan Craw, Paul Cooke, Terry Simon, Dean Oxer, Les Oxer, Bryn Jones, Ged O'Neill, Mick Ryan.

Serving tea on the day were the ladies from the Montagu Hospital tea bar:  Dorothy Anglesea; Kath Fudge; Jean Hesketh; Pam Bissat; Margaret Oates

Incidentally, the tea bar raises a very large amount towards the MHCF througout the year.  Please use it if you visit the Montagu.


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