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The Whitehouse Lads

Jack Whitehouse was the secretary of High Terrace FC in 1968 when they played Swinton Athletic in the Montagu Cup final.  He was one of SEVEN of his own Whitehouse family involved that day!
Overall, Jack's descendants have won 17 Montagu Cup medals between them.
Jack's 4 footballing descendants: First, his own sons...
1st Generation: Colin Snr, Keith, Ken & Shona.
2nd Generation: Colin Snr's sons : Mally, Colin Jnr & Glyn Ken's sons: Paul, Dean  Shona's son: Ryan   Keith's son:  Michael
3rd Generation: Billy is Michael's lad & Tim is Mally's.

Jack Whitehouse.jpg

The SEVEN from 1968...

1. Jack Whitehouse was  High Terrace secretary

Ken Keith Shano Whitehouse.jpg

2. Ken Whitehouse was a centre back in the High Terrace team

SCAN0148 (5).JPG

3. Keith Whitehouse played in midfield in the High Terrace team

SCAN0148 (5).JPG

4. John "Shona" Whitehouse was a left-half in the Swinton team

Colin junior.jpg

5. Colin Whitehouse  was a winger in the Swinton team


6. Mally Whitehouse was a striker in the Swinton team

SCAN0148 (4).JPG

7. Colin Whitehouse was the trainer of the Swinton team

There are more Mont medals in the family.
1951 - Colin Snr RUNNERS-UP with Bowbroom WMC

1966 - Ken & Keith WINNERS with High Terrace
1967 - John & Ken WINNERS High Terrace
1968 - Shona, Colin Jnr & Mally WINNERS Swinton Athletic
1968 - Ken & Keith RUNNERS-UP High Terrace
1972 - Mally WINNER Swinton Athletic
1980 - Glyn WINNER Swinton Athletic
1985 - Paul WINNER Northgate
1996 - Ryan RUNNERS-UP
1997 - Ryan RUNNERS-UP
1998 - Tim RUNNERS-UP Mexborough Main St
1999 - Tim WINNER Mexborough Main St

2000 - Tim WINNER Mexborough Main St

2011 - Tim WINNER Swinton WMC

And at an elite level...

1983 Dean plays for Barnsley FC in 2nd tier of the Football League

2017 Billy plays for Leeds United in the FA Cup, previously for Doncaster Rovers.


Ryan Whitehouse 1996 & 97 finalist

Colin Glyn Debbie Mally.jpg

Glyn Whitehouse
1980 winner

Paul Whitehouse.jpg

Paul Whitehouse
1985 winner


Tim Whitehouse
Winner x 3 Runner-up x 1

Mally 1972-Enhanced resized.jpg


Billy Whitehouse.png

Billy for Leeds United

Dean Whitehouse.jpg

Dean at Barnsley FC

Ken Keith Shano Whitehouse.jpg

Ken, Keith and John (Shona)


Ian Whitehouse is deserving of a medal for the many hours he has contributed to volunteering in local football.

He is a football coach and referee.
Ian is Mally's son


SCAN0148 (4).JPG

Jack's 4 sons: Keith, Colin, Shona, Ken

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