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Terry & Jake Simon


Terry Simon's Montagu Cup finals have come in clusters.  He played in three on the bounce as a player before doing the same as a manager over a decade later.  More recently,  Terry featured in four consecutive finals.

2017 7.jpg

One of three occasions Terry has had his hands on the Mont - 2017 with Houghton Main

Me lifting the Cup as captain with Wombwell legendary manager Bill Roby.jpg

1998 - Terry Simon as captain with Wombwell Main manager Bill Roby


Terry's son, Jake, has featured in a record 7 finals as a player since coming on as a 16-year old substitute in 2009.

Jake playing in defeat to Groves 2010.jpg

Jake in 2010

Mont Cup Winners for Wombwell Main as a player. Jake at 56 in baseball hat middle of pic.j

1998 - Jake central in a baseball cap after his dad's team won the Mont

Pen pic from programme 🤣.jpg

Jake in 2009

Jake Simon 4.jpg

Jake in 2021

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