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1945 Semi-Final

The Montagu Cup semi-final between Broomhill and Denaby Rovers was filmed as part of "The Great Game" - a film by the British Council aimed at overseas audiences to promote Britain through its favourite game.
The clip is just over a minute long and starts with Cadeby pit, then moves onto Hampden Road, Mexborough.  Broomhill are the team with the V on their shirts.  Eric Brook is the shorter of the two experts. Turn the audio on to hear the commentary.

Players involved:  Broomhill: Sonny Hedge, Edmund Mitchell, Albert Sage, Kennneth Parkinson, Alan Harvey, Albert Burrows, Tom Stevens, Don Bedford, Guy Stevens, Ernest Woodcock, Jack Hubbard, Dennis Morton.

Denaby Rovers:  Clarke, Priestley, Madin, Ridgeway, Ball, Hallatt, A. Smith, Ward, Taylor, Flaherty, Jennings.


The full 30 minute video can be watched at 

At 1 minute and 1 minute 30, there are children playing - there is a chance that these are local too?

For information about the final of the Montagu Cup in 1945 and the bizarre way they settled a drawn tie click this link


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