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Westville 4

Wombwell Main 0

Goals:  Shawn Mitchell 2, Kieron Hirst, Nicky Harper

Ref:  Roger Webb

2018 w.jpg

The Dribbling Code's photos for this match can be viewed at :

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2018 3.png
2018 2.png
2018 dan m.jpg
2018 Dribbling Code.jpg
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Preliminary Round {Sun 6 Aug}
Westville FC v Denaby United 2-1
Mexborough Athletic v Joker FC A-W

First Round {Sun 13 Aug}
AFP FC v Wombwell Main 1-3
Swinton Athletic Reserves v Houghton Main 0-4
Memories FC v Joker FC 0-8
Westville FC v KCM Fighting Cocks 4-0
Reresby Arms v Wath Telstar 1-1, 4p3
Café Sport v AFC Body W-L
Wickersley Youth Old Village v Swinton Athletic 3-7
Roman FC v Groves Social W-L

Quarter-Finals {Sun 20 Aug}
Houghton Main v Joker FC 3-1
Wombwell Main v Café Sport 6-1
Roman FC v Reresby Arms 1-6
Swinton Athletic v Westville FC 1-2

Semi-Finals @ Mexborough Athletic Ground
Wombwell Main v Houghton Main {Tue 5 Sep} 5-1
Reresby Arms v Westville FC {Thu 7 Sep} 2-2, 4p5

Final {Fri 13 Apr} @ Mexborough Athletic Ground
Wombwell Main v Westville FC 0-4 Att: 450 

Goals:  19' 51' 65' 82'

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