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Swinton Athletic

​Here are the links to the webpages for the years when SAFC won the Montagu Cup. 








Swinton same kid as on Mont.jpg


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Swinton 1970s maybe.jpg


Swinton late 80s maybe.jpg


Swinton 1964.jpg



2012:  L to R:  Frank Worthington; Marshall Robshaw; Bo Hyde; Ken Bradshaw; Ken Dawson





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George Benton and Stan Burkinshaw low re

George Burton (left) and Stan Burkinshaw

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Photo R: Circa 1962:  Back Row (L to R) : Wally Shephard, Eric Johnson, Stan Burkinshaw, Brian Hyde, Barry Harwood, Don Hall, Sid Jackson, Keith Swift, B9, Ken Dawson, B11, Fred Bradshaw 
Front Row (L to R) : Billy Walker, Barry Barnes, Steve Grant, Terry Gardiner, Melvyn Senior (trainer), George Benton (trainer)

Swint 2.png

Photo L: Back Row (L to R) : Fred Bradshaw, B2, Terry Stables, B3, B4, Eric Johnson, Billy Walker
Front Row (L to R) : F1, F2, mascot, Keith Colton, Rob "Jock" Haynes, Norman Adey, F6


Photo H: Circa 1964 as same kit as the team that won the Mont in that year.
Back Row (L to R) : Fred Bradshaw, Wally Shepherd, Barry Barnes, Sid Jackson, Don Hall, Keith Swift, Ken Dawson, George Benton, Stan Burkinshaw  Front Row (L to R) : F1, Brian Hyde, F3, Terry Gardner; F5


Photo O: Invitation Cup Winners
Back Row (L to R) : Frank Senior, Tony Bassett; Walt Elliot; Don Hall; Norman Adey; Eric Senior

Front Row (L to R) : Syd Jackson; Billy Calladine; George Goodhall; Peter Hall; Jack Wilkinson


Photo P:
Back Row (L to R) : J. Boothroyd, A. Bird, L. Marriot; T. Murphy, F. Ridgeway, P. Haigh, T. Oliver, Eric Johnson, F. Warren, A. Johnson, B11

Front Row (L to R) : S. Cocksedge, B. Hodgkinson, G. Howarth, mascot, A. Day (captain), G. Siddall, R. Hayes, B. Meggitt

30 4 49.jpg
Swint 5.jpg

Photo I: Back Row (L to R) : Stan Burkinshaw; Terry Foster; Melvyn Senior; Ken Dawson; B5, B6, Barry Depledge; Les King

Front Row (L to R) : F1; Graham Cocking; Steve Grant; Marshall Robshaw; Frank Rix

Swinton 9.jpg

Photo Q:
Back Row (L to R) : Eric Johnson; B2, B3, B4, B5, B6

Front Row (L to R) : William Jones, F2, F3, F4, F5

Swinton unknown.jpg

Photo X: Back Row (L to R) : Eric johnson, B2, Brian Turton, Norman Adey, Alan Taylor, Colin Beverley, David Elliot, Neil Dearden; J. Whitehouse

Front Row (L to R) : Paul Senior; Richard 'Tosh' England; Mick Davies; Neil Spencer; John Salt

swint 4.jpg

Photo J:
Back Row (L to R) : B1, B2, B3; B4, B5, B6, B7, B8

Front Row (L to R) : F1, F2, F3,, F4, F5

Swint 8.jpg

Photo M:
Back Row (L to R) : B1, B2, Eric Johnson; B4, B5, B6

Front Row (L to R) : F1, F2, F3, F4, F5

swint 3 Stan burkinshaw on left.jpg

Photo K
L to R : Stan Burkinshaw, referee, Eric Johnson?

IMG20211222144111 small.jpg

Back Row (L to R): Ray Howitt, Paul Goulty, Norman Adey, Colin Beverley, Geoff Clamp, Mick Davies, Richard England

Front Row (L to R): Fred Bradshaw, Neil Spencer, Paul Senior, Dave Elliot, Brian Hemstock, Roger Barton, Wilf Polhill

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