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Allan Craw


Allan scored two goals in Denaby United's 1978 Montagu Cup final victory.  He also won the Mont in 1973 with Rawmarsh Horse & Jockey. 
For both years, Allan scored goals in the semi finals.

Neither on these teams had team photos but Allan has helped to find individual photos of most of the players.  


When I was young playing with a football in the garden at my mum and dads house in the canyon at Rawmarsh, our next door neighbour Jimmy Miller* said to me if you want to be a good footballer you should learn to kick with both feet.
So from that day on I used to practise kicking the ball with my left foot into the goal. Although I didn’t play professionally, I did play in a good standard of football with Rawmarsh Welfare and Denaby United in the Yorkshire League and Mexborough Town in the Midland League and we did get paid expenses so I suppose it was as a part time professional .
The 2 goals I scored in the 1978 final were with my left foot so I had to thank Jimmy Miller for his advice all those years before as it helped me throughout the time I played football from 1966 to 1989

*Jimmy's son Peter had won a Montagu Cup winner's medal and a Rotherham Charity Cup winner's medal in 1961 and 1960 with Parkgate Welfare.

IMG_0397(2) small.JPG

Rawmarsh Welfare 1980:  Back Row (L to R):  Dave Caine, Bob Davison, George Bartholomew, Graham Marshall, Tony Lowe, Gary Cooke, Keith Hall.
Front Row (L to R): John Elliot, Paul Carr, Kevin Eades, Allan Craw, Andy Wademan

IMG_0358(1) resixed.jpg

Horse & Jockey 1976-77 Back Row (L to R): John Marshall, Bob Fletcher, Steve Bailey, George Bartholomew, Brian Lowe, Graham Marshall, John Wheeler, Steve Murfin, Tony Lowe, Trevor Murphy, Albert Kirk, John Lannigan

Front Row (L to R): Les Payne, Steve Roddis, Frank Morley, John Swales, Dino Zaccaria, Allan Craw, Sam Warren, Alan Smith. Mascot: Jonathan Lowe

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